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Instructions from the CT 2.0 Beta Test

For new CPAN Testers

Install Metabase:::Fact from CPAN and run the 'metabase-profile' program to generate a new Metabase ID file. Save it and continue as per the instructions.

For existing CPAN Testers

You need a profile file. For the beta test, these were emailed out and you will see references to that in the instructions below. An application will be deployed soon that will allow you to claim your ID. If you submitted more than 100 reports in June, 2010, you may contact dagolden at cpan dot org directly and request your profile be sent to you.

Beta test instructions

Hello! Thanks for volunteering to beta test CPAN Testers 2.0. This email has instructions for how to participate.

(0) Set your CPAN(PLUS) to a "fast" CPAN mirror so you are sure to get the latest CT2.0 modules:


(1) Metabase ID file: You should find attached to this email a JSON file which is your "metabase ID" file. Please save this somewhere in your user directory and take note of the path. For the rest of these instructions, I'll pretend that you've saved it as "/home/jdoe/.metabase/id.json".

(2) Install the latest Test::Reporter and either CPAN::Reporter or CPANPLUS depending on which of the latter two you use to send test reports

(3) Install Test::Reporter::Transport::Metabase from CPAN (latest is version 1.999002). This should pull in several additional dependencies that you will need.

(4) Configure your smoke tester to use Test::Reporter::Transport::Metabase. You will need to provide "uri" and "id_file" parameters. The uri is "". For "id_file" use the absolute path to the ID from #1.

For example, for CPAN::Reporter, add a line like the following to your .cpanreporter/config.ini file (terms are white-space separated on one line -- be careful in case email mangled it):

transport=Metabase uri id_file /home/doe/.metabase/id.json

I haven't tested with CPANPLUS, but my understanding is that you should be able to manually add the following to your CPANPLUS config file:

cpantest_reporter_args => {
  transport => 'Metabase',
  transport_args  => [
    uri => "",
    id_file => "/home/jdoe/.metabase/id.json"

If that doesn't work, please email cpan-testers-discuss for help.

Yes -- this is really crappy, but Test::Reporter::Transport::Metabase is a big hack to make CT1.0 clients talk to the CT2.0 server. After the CT2.0 server is done, work can start on making better clients for it with easier config.

(5) Test a module. You will probably still see a message about "sending to cpan-testers at", but if the transport is working correctly it will go to the CT2.0 beta site anyway. If you see error messages, please contact me to work it out.

If you don't get screenfuls of confess() error stack, then it worked. You can look on for your report. That file is updated every 5 minutes or so, so you may need to wait for the next refresh to see it.